Elizabeth Mack

Elizabeth Mack is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Michigan State University where she teaches courses in economic geography. Dr. Macks research program evaluates the impact emerging technologies on the development trajectory of regional economies. This research program includes broadband infrastructure deployment policy issues as well as the impacts of broadband on business location. Recently, Dr. Mack’s work is focused on understanding entrepreneurial ecosystems, water affordability, and spatial data uncertainty.

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Graduate Students

Lisa-Marie Pierre

Lisa-Marie’s overall research interest is in studying historically underrepresented group’s entrepreneurial activity. She is interested in three stages of the business life cycle: recognition and development of the idea, growth and survival of the business, and exit at the maturity of the business.

Sarah Wrase

Sarah Wrase is currently a Master of Science in Accounting student at Michigan State University. Sarah’s research interests involve water and wastewater affordability, water and wastewater infrastructure sustainability, and water and wastewater infrastructure needs and financing.

Kyle Redican, Ph.D. student

My current work is focused on the geographies of public water systems in the United States. The aim of my research is to further investigate what structural, institutional, and political factors influence regulated public water systems compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.  My methodological focuses are the use of spatial data analysis and data mining techniques.

Jonah White

I’m a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University and my research interests rest broadly at the nexus of sustainable development, environmental justice and gentrification. My ongoing research projects use the environmental justice movement as a lens through which to examine the sociohistorical development of environmental gentrification and assess sustainable urban development across the Seattle, WA metropolitan region.

Undergraduate Students

Madison Wimberly

Hello my name is Madison Wimberly, I’m a junior and this is my third year at MSU. My major is Business and I am interested in Supply Chain.

Mikaela Czupski

Mikaela Czupski is a senior at Michigan State pursuing a Bachelors degree in Global and International Studies with a cognate in International Development, and minors in GIS and Environmental Sciences. Her research interests involve national park preservation and geopolitical boundaries in developing nations.

Vincent Black

Vincent Black is a senior at Michigan State pursuing a Bachelors in Economic Geography with a minor in Chinese. He is currently an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Elizabeth Mack. Vincent’s research interests involve economic development, Corporate Environmental sustainability, automotive market trends, as well as parks and recreation development and restoration. In Vincent’s spare time, he enjoys biking, photography, and painting.

Samyuktha Iyer

Samyuktha is a sophomore majoring in economics with minors in mathematics and data science analytics. She is currently researching hydroelectric dams in developing countries and their impact on affected communities – specifically with resettlement and compensation. Her work with Dr. Mack involves researching businesses in Nashville to study spinoff activity. In the future, she hopes to have a career in environmental and international policy making.

Tatum Cho

Tatum Cho is a Junior majoring in Media & Information with minors in Game Design & Development, Graphic Design, and Comic Art & Graphic Novels. She is currently researching the web of spin-off businesses located in Nashville, Tennessee, and plans on continuing to conduct research on entrepreneurs of the area.

Zach Argo

Zach Argo is a senior with a major in Economic Geography, a minor in Economics, and a certificate in GIS. He is currently an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Elizabeth Mack working on water and wastewater affordability. His research interests involve National Parks and how to best maintain them. He enjoys watching college football and basketball in his spare time.